Telephone Calls

Telephone Calls

Due to the large number of phone calls we receive daily, it is not always possible for your physician/ or provider to return your call personally.  Our staff also is busy providing care to the patients in the office, it is not humanly possible to pick up each and every phone calls to our office. Our staff is trained to answer your questions and to pass on the information once the provider has reviewed them.

Our phone system is equipped with a voice mailbox.  Mailboxes are checked frequently throughout the day and messages are returned as promptly as possible.

The voice mail system is available 24 hours a day.  You can request a refill, cancel an appointment or leave a message that is non-urgent and your message will be handled the next business day.

Please only leave one message, leaving multiple messages for the same conditions or medication refill will only delay the care to you and to our other patients.

We also have remote support staff who is also trained to work closely with provider to coordinate your care.

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