Opioid Addiction Recovery Program: OARP

What is opioid drug abuse?

When a person finds it difficult to control his or her use of opioid drugs like heroin, hydrocodone, or oxycodone, he or she might have opioid use disorder. A person can buy these drugs illegally or abuse the prescribed medications.
A person is preoccupied with a desire to obtain and take the opioids. They have strong desire or craving to use opioids. The recurrent use results in a failure to major role obligations at work, home or school. Most of the people are have financial and legal troubles.

What is medication assisted treatment or MAT?

Medication Assisted Treatment

People who are addicted to heroin or opioids can be treated with opioid replacement therapy with methadone and or buprenorphineBuprenorphine is FDA approved medication in combination with naloxone to treat opioid addiction. Buperinorphine is partial agonist. It can be administered as an out pateint. If you are addicted to heroin or Fentanyl or other opioid, than buperinorphine in combination with nlaxone can be used to treat the withdrawal and treatment of opioid addiction. Use of buperinorhine with naloxone, Bupernorhine injection, Naltrexone injection and or methadone treatment is considered as MAT or medication for opioid use disorder

How Does Our Clinic Helps?

Buprenorphine and Naloxone treatment is offered by FDA approved physician. Dr. Sanjay Nigam, Jaime Mendoza PMHNP, Jennifer Thery PMHNP are FDA approved provider who can prescribe the medication.  We have two trained counselor Amy Hemann, LCSW and Dianna Jarman, LCSW.

All individuals who are enrolled in the Opioid treatment program or MAT program are provided with an outpatient prescription for Buprenorphine and Naloxone (combination).

There is a specific process to initiate participation in the program. There is a need to monitor any kind of substance use through routine and random provision of urine specimens.

Our program provides individual and group counseling services to help participants gain the coping skills needed to address the barriers to recovery.

These barriers include:

  • The need for resources
  • Co-occurring mental health issues such as depression and anxiety
  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Developing a healthy support system

The amount of counseling recommended is determined by the participant’s needs at the time of admission.


Many private insurance plans are accepted.

We do our best to minimize the costs to each participant, but if their insurance plan does not cover point of care, urine drug screenings, and individual or group therapy, the participant will need to cover these costs to receive treatment.

All copays and fees are required before the provision of services.


When a participant follows the program guidelines and is fully engaged in recovery, freedom from opioid addiction is truly possible; however, the success of treatment cannot be guaranteed.

Call us at 618-288-5019 if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment at our Opioid addiction treatment clinic or MAT Clinic

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