Intensive Outpatient Programm

We have partnered with Centerpointe of Maryville, a branch of Centerpointe hospital to offer an Intensive outpatient program for Adults and Adolescents.


Intensive outpatient programming is usually best for someone who does not need inpatient treatment but can still benefit from more structure than they would receive in the traditional outpatient setting.  

The structure of our IOP is typically three hours of services, three days a week. We provide participants with the specific times the program meets so that they can work therapy around their other daily responsibilities. 

Most people participate in our IOP for four to six weeks. However, everyone heals at their own pace. For this reason, we evaluate everyone’s progress individually to determine the best length of time for them to participate in this program. 

  • Maryville Outpatient Clinic in Maryville, Illinois 
    • Adolescents and adults who have behavioral health concerns and co-occurring substance use disorders 

Call the program directly at : 618-205-3285