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Jennifer Thery, PMHNP

Jennifer Thery is a psychiatric nurse practitioner currently working for Southern Illinois Associates LLC since September 2013. She obtained her Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatric Adults certification from the University of Cincinnati in August 2013. Jennifer is also pursuing a Master’s in Education, with her MSN/master’s in education in process since January 2012 at the University of Phoenix.

Her educational background includes a School Nurse Internship at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville in August 2002, and she completed her BSN Program at McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois in 2001.

In terms of work experience, Jennifer has been with Southern Illinois Associates LLC as a psychiatric nurse practitioner since September 2013. Prior to that, from June 2011 to 2014, she worked at Belleville Memorial Hospital in Belleville, IL, where she gained experience in medical-surgical, geriatrics, acute care, chronic care, and hospice settings. From December 2008 to April 2011, Jennifer worked at the Macoupin County Health Department in Gillespie, IL.

Jennifer Thery has a special interest in community mental health, which reflects her dedication to serving individuals in the community and addressing their mental health needs.